Social participations and invitations

The Association has carried out many social participations and invitations as follows: Participation in Orphan’s Day in cooperation with the Social Affairs Administration. Take care of the child by making visits to places where they gather, such as nurseries. Raising citizens’ awareness of harmful behaviors such as smoking. Community participation in International Women’s Day. Continuous visits to hospitals, especially Hospital 57357, and Kasr El Aini Hospital. Allocating prizes for distinguished individuals in various fields.    

Media Activities

1 – Provide the page of the Assembly daily with simple information on food safety and public health to educate members and visitors of the page. 2- – Supply of newspapers, websites, television channels and radio programs with public opinion issues related to the areas of food safety and human health. 3- Communicating with different media. 4- Continuous confirmation on the role of audio and visual media in spreading the culture of food safety.